How to Clean and Maintain Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a beautiful addition to any kitchen, but they require special care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. While frequent use of vinegar, Windex, or bleach will dull the granite and weaken the sealant, a little soap and water is all that is needed for regular cleaning. To make a good lather, add dish soap and warm water to a sponge and start cleaning. Avoid using abrasive pads, as granite can be scratched. The list of the best sanitizers for granite countertops is short and alcohol-based.

Isopropyl alcohol, also known as isopropyl, is considered to be the most effective and available disinfectant for granite. Isopropyl alcohol is a natural bactericide and can also kill fungi and viruses. It has no harmful effects on granite or granite sealing, making it an ideal way to keep countertops clean. The cost of a professional-quality cleaner is nominal, and when you consider that Granite Gold has been chemically designed for your granite countertop, it obviously becomes the best option. Cleaning granite countertops doesn't require special skill; the job just requires a little extra care and attention.

Remember that this tough stone can be easily scratched and that a soft cloth is a key component for maintaining granite countertops. To clean stained granite, you can use a homemade baking soda-based paste or a commercial treatment for granite stains, such as Hope's Perfect. While granite countertops must be treated with a protective barrier when they are first installed, it is recommended to reseal natural stone every few months, on average, as the seal wears out over time. When you spend time and money selecting the perfect granite countertop for your new dream kitchen, the last thing to do is to neglect its care. This Good Housekeeping Cleaning award winner with 26% organization does a great job of keeping your granite countertops clean, protected and looking fantastic. If you just want one cleaning product for granite in your closet, choose an all-in-one product such as Weiman Granite Daily Clean & Shine disinfectant or a commercial granite cleaner that says it also removes stains.

If your regular granite countertop care routine fails to stop stains and your home methods to remove stains don't work, you may need to choose a commercial stain remover (usually in the form of a cataplasm) or call a professional. Granite requires regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain its pristine condition. An all-in-one product such as Weiman Granite Daily Clean & Shine disinfectant or a commercial granite cleaner that says it also removes stains can come in handy for this purpose. Once you choose a homemade or commercial granite countertop cleaner that works and doesn't cause damage, you can keep stains away and keep the stone's gorgeous natural finish. If you notice that it has dulled, learn how to polish granite countertops and check the sealant to make sure it's intact.

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