How Much Does it Cost to Install Granite Countertops?

A granite splash protector is optional when installing countertops, and provides walls with additional protection against grease. Labor estimates include shipping costs, granite manufacturing, and scrap rates for your old countertops.


: Tanned granite has a rustic textured finish that hides fingerprints, crumbs and stains better than polished granite. You can buy granite countertops at big box stores like Lowe's and Home Depot, through local direct suppliers or online.

Of all the stone options at solid surface countertop prices, granite offers the best combination of appearance, value, and durability. Granite countertops are expensive because they are made of hard, heavy natural stone that must be extracted from a quarry with special equipment, transported, cut into slabs, and manufactured to fit your space. Look for a contractor or a company accredited by the National Stone Institute (NSI) that specializes in installing granite countertops. If you're considering making other cutouts for hardware and plumbing, this could significantly increase the total cost of your granite countertops.

While the prices of Granite Transformations are as high as those of some genuine granite slab countertops, the company promotes the environmental benefit and stress reduction of installations that don't need to be demolished or discarded.

Granite fountain

: Buying granite at a local quarry costs less than buying it somewhere far away, with additional shipping and delivery charges. Granite countertops are porous and can be prone to staining, but there are treatments to prevent that from happening. Installing granite countertops takes from 2 hours to a full day or more, depending on the size and complexity of the job, the number of slabs and the size of the equipment and the level of experience.

The subfloor has several advantages, such as providing additional support for the countertop material, absorbing pressure, and helping to prevent granite from cracking. The company installs a thin layer of granite, a mixture of crushed quartz, granite, recycled glass and polymer resin, directly on existing countertops. A few major factors influence how much you can expect to pay for granite countertops in your kitchen or bathroom. While granite countertops may not be the most popular trend today, natural stone is durable, attractive, and doesn't depreciate.

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