Do Granite Countertops Need Plywood Base?

Granite is a very heavy and dense stone that requires support when used in countertops and other similar designs. Usually, this support includes a plywood base and a cement board subfloor. The use of appropriate materials and techniques ensures a reliable and durable countertop. The granite will be placed directly above the cabinets.

If the granite countertop you are installing is 3 cm thick, then you do not need plywood. You can install granite countertops without plywood only if the granite is 3 cm thick or more. At 3 cm, overhangs of 3.8 cm or less need no support. Usually, a granite countertop is placed directly over the base cabinets, without plywood, and the granite installer is usually the one who glues the sink with glue. Another important factor to consider when installing a granite countertop is the “edge profile”, which simply refers to the shape of the edge of the stone.

As a general rule, 3 cm (1.18 in) of granite will be approximately 25% more expensive than 2 cm (0.79 in) of granite. When I dry place the finished countertops, I run a pencil through the inside of the sink cutout to transfer its precise location to the countertop and trim it after removing the dried granite pieces. The last thing to consider is the relative cost of obtaining 2 cm (0.79 in) granite with a countertop on one side and 3 cm (1.18 in) granite without the other. In conclusion, if you are installing a granite countertop, you do not need plywood if it is 3 cm thick or more. However, it is important to consider other factors such as edge profile and cost when making your decision.

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